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Why So Many Americans are Dropping their Health Care

If you want to be broad about it, people prep to stay alive. Healthy living is one of the best ways to stay alive. But right now, Americans are struggling with one of the biggest ways to handle poor health: insurance. According to a report by Bloomberg, more and more American citizens are having to find “alternative” healthcare options.

With the country’s current privatized health care system, many of the lower income are being priced out of the market. They can’t afford many insurances minimum rates and are exploring different options. One example is healthcare-sharing ministries, where participants “share” health plans in order to reduce costs. Bloomberg reports a 74% increase in new members of these ministries over the last two years.

The most common reason people have been dropping their health insurance plans are due to the lack of coverage they actually provide. The Bergevins family, for example, were told that the birth of their second child would cost around $4,000. Though when everything was said and done, they ended up owing nearly twice this much. This has led the family to drop their insurance coverage, in order to direct the now-free ~$547 monthly rate towards paying off their debts.

This is what happens when you’re allowed to put a price on someone else’s life, it ends up costing more than said life could manage. The fact that it’s become bad enough that people would rather risk it is a sign that the country’s current economic state is nearing ever closer to a fallout of some form.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and maybe stockpile some silver, just in case.

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