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Which Pistol is Best for You?

Choosing the right gun can be a chore. Aside from the financial investment, it’s important you have the right feel and utility behind them. So how do you choose? Here are a few ways to help diminish decision paralysis, at least with pistols.


There’s simplicity to be had with a revolver. Semiautomatic pistols have to deal with safeties, de-cocking, and slide racking. While its good to know these things, revolvers simply remove the additional complication. You load the revolving clip, pull back the hammer, and it’s ready. The downside to a revolver is its limited clip size. Ideally, you should only need one shot to scare an intruder or defend yourself from an attacker. But when you compare it to a 16 shot clip of a semi-auto pistol. It seems limited.

Semiautomatic pistols

In the other direction is the semiautomatic pistol. Most firearms on the market are a semi-auto pistol. These are efficient and accurate machines that don’t stop. They are more complicated as a result, however. If you don’t know how to handle one properly, please receive professional training first. Though once you know and understand your weapon, you can be ready to fire it at a moment’s notice.


The size of your bullets matter. Do you go with 9mm, or 45 acp? 9mm pistols are an excellent defense against a human attacker. They were designed for humans, after all. This, and their standard issue police usage, makes them the most common ammo type there is. This means that in the event of a SHTF scenario, they will be the easiest to find.

But what about non-humans. If you have to defend yourself from large animals, or if you’re using the weapon to hunt with, then the larger .45 ACP is a better option. While also intended for humans, many have taken to deer hunting with it. It’s capable of killing the fauna at ranges of 40-50 yards. The extra power also makes it a more efficient shot against larger animals, like mountain lions and bears.

In the end, what’s important is that you have a working, registered firearm of any kind. Some gun enthusiasts will criticize certain pistol types or calibers (looking at you, .22 rounds). But when shots are being fired, the one under fire will be afraid all the same. Choose what you are most comfortable and happy with.

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