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Three Places People Don’t think to Look for Supplies

When we reach a disaster scenario, and it’s every one for themselves, gathering survival supplies will become a challenge. Far less prepared citizens will flock to the local stores to buy/steal whatever they can. This means if you’re own supplies run low, you’ll be as hard-pressed as everyone else to find what you need. Here are three places most people won’t realize has some valuable materials.

As a reminder, going to these places and raiding their things is illegal. This information should only be considered for disaster scenarios. It’s hard to prep when you’re under arrest.


Arguably the most underappreciated scavenging location, auto yards provide a massive amount of usable materials. Seatbelt straps can be pulled out and cut for straps, seat upholstery can be used as fabric materials for repairs, side and rear view mirrors can be collected for light signaling and fire starting. Not to mention the abundance of copper wire to be collected. When not harvesting cars, the offices and storerooms can contain helpful tools.

Construction Sites

At first glance, these areas look incomplete and disregardable. In reality, there is a fair deal of preparedness supplies to be found. Building wood, metal supplies, tools. Some sites even have a water supply. Be careful here, however. places like this won’t go unnoticed forever.

Dumpsters and Trash Sites

This is where resourcefulness comes in handy. What might seem like a broke bobble to one might have use to someone like you. Papers and other burnable material can be used for fires, discarded clothing and fabric has a makeshift use, and cardboard to either burn or provide additional insulation. Plus you never know what golden nugget you might find hidden there.

Using the materials you find to it’s fullest abilities is the biggest help, headlamps are a surprisingly diverse survival tool, after all. With any public place, they all run the risk of being visited, having already been raided, or even being currently inhabited. Be calm and careful when scrounging for supplies.

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