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Rat Kings, Snake Balls: Real Life Monsters

There are countless different animals out in the world. Knowing and understanding what various animals you might encounter. But there exists something stranger than a rat or a snake. We’re talking about the bizarre real-life cryptids like Rat Kings and Snake Balls.

Rat Kings

You might have heard about Rat Kings before. They’ve been a somewhat common concept in popular media, being referenced in works ranging from The Nutcracker to the TV show 30 Rock. A Rat King is a bundle of rats whose tails have knotted together, causing them to get stuck. This usually happens These swarms end up living in cohabitation, foraging for food and safety as one large entity.

They’ve been around for ages. They were the most popular back during the black plague when rats were running in excess. They don’t always have ot be rats, either. This can happen with any animal with long tails, especially those that nest in large, close proximity groups. Though nowadays, you’ll only see such a thing in the more wretched urban environments.

Snake Balls

In truth, there is a much more likely creature that preppers, campers, and hikers could come across. They’re called Snake Balls. Much like Rat Kings, Snake Balls are when a group of snakes gets tangled together. While Rat Kings happen due to close nesting, Snake Balls happen mostly as a result of mating rituals. As many as 100 male snakes will writher around a female in hopes of making, causing a giant ball of horny reptiles.

Snake balls are a greater threat to your average person. They can be seen wherever snakes are, ranging from California to North Carolina. Basically anywhere in the United States.

They also are capable of unraveling when they’re done “mating” or when threatened. Can you imagine 100 snakes suddenly bursting out of a single spot? poisonous or not, that’s a bad time. If you ever come across a wriggling ball of snakes, do not investigate it, just keep away.

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