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Select Marines to Undergo Survival Training in the Scottish Highlands

How do you train? A common prepper practice to keep their skills and their body sharp. If you’re a Marine, widely considered the toughest of soldiers, then you might partake in survival training in the Scottish Highlands. Certain Marines were given the opportunity to do so, anyway.

This uncommon offer was given to select Marines, where they would be taken to the Highlands to train. The experience is both more physically and mentally taxing than in a standard base. There they also learn a number of survival skills more relevant to the environment. Marine Corps Maj. Graham Perry, the officer in charge of 4th ANGLICO, FHG spoke on this more.

“The Marines are going to learn how to build fires, forage for food and prioritize work needs in order to not just survive but to get rescued. We typically find ourselves in austere conditions and environments. A lot of times in the past, we’ve been in the desert. As we start to pivot to other regions of the world, this particular survival training will help the Marines if they find themselves operating in these types of areas. It’s going to definitely add some tricks up their sleeve.”

The eight-hour training course starts with the night before, where they were instructed to not eat anything after dinner. From there they learn a variety of basic survival components, from shelter building to catching game. The information they learn there will prove invaluable should they find themselves in a survival scenario, whether its a casual camp trip, or stranded on active duty.

I’m glad to hear survival training becoming a part of our military system.

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