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Make Money from Prepping, Farmer’s Market Style

In one’s time prepping, a person can gather a fair number of skills and abilities, not to mention resources. Learning how to grow a garden or tend livestock is a fantastic way to have a self-sufficient food supply for post-SHTF scenarios. But national collapse hasn’t happened yet, so why not capitalize on your efforts by becoming a Farmer’s Market vendor?

With just a barrel and some effort, you can have more potatoes than anyone needs. Long-term chicken care will leave you will a fair number of eggs. Selling your surplus goods could mean more pocket cash for you in the long run. Here’s how to get started.

Get Organized

With any business endeavor, you need to prepare. Make a checklist of everything you need. Figure out what items you wish to sell, and get the necessary containers to store them for transport and sale. Do they need to be on ice? These are things to consider.

Don’t forget business items, either. You should have a money box and spare cash for change. You will likely need a sign advertising your goods and displaying prices. A chalkboard would do this just fine. Depending on your local market, you might also need to provide your own stand/table. If you’re selling alone, you may want to make friends with your neighboring vendor, they can cover your stall while you go to the bathroom, for example.

Once you’re all set and registered, be sure you do the necessary preparation the day before the market.

Get Certified

If you’re selling food, then you’ll most likely need to get certified by the Board of Health in your county. Many jurisdictions are rather strict against selling food prepared in a home kitchen. The certification process will give you the information you need. Make sure you follow those rules.

Get in Touch

Find out who owns/organizes your local farmers market and get in touch with them. They can tell you the rules and regulations of your location. And, of course, they can help you get into the market itself.

Get to Bed

Farmer’s markets start early, so you’ll need to be able to get up even earlier. The specific times are dependant on your local market, but we recommend a bedtime of at least 9 PM regardless.

Get Paid

Tend to your stall, make deals, be friendly. By the end of the day, you’ll have gotten rid of your surplus foods, and made some nice cash in the process. While you’re there, look to see if they have a knife sharpening service. Most markets have someone offering this, and it’s always good to keep your knives in top shape.

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