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Knowing When Your Pets Sense a Disaster

The best thing about humans is their ability to be smart about things. We can use tools, do math, and all that fun stuff. But even now, there are a few things that other animals can do that we can’t. One of the most common examples is an animal’s ability to sense disaster before it strikes.

The earth tends to send out subtle or undetectable signals when bad things are coming. These are sometimes extremely high or low pitched sounds that humans can’t hear but animals can, barometric pressure changes, things like that. While we can’t try and sense these things, we can know what it looks like when nearby animals do.

Let’s start with dogs, the most common prepper pet. Their sensitive hearing allows them to hear the low 20 Hz rumbling that takes place before an earthquake. Their sense of smell will also make them more susceptible to an oncoming storm. If your dog is behaving anxiously or afraid for no reason, they may be detecting an oncoming disaster. You’ll know soon enough.

Cats follow similar traits to dogs. But the sporatic, unpredictable nature of cats makes it hard to tell if there’s a problem, or if they’re just being weird.

One you may not consider is fish. These swimmy little friends (or food) often behave differently when a major storm is coming. They can sense a change in hydrostatic pressure that prefaces a storm. In response, they’ll sink to deeper waters for safety. This protects them from falling debris, and any surface side lightning strikes.

The easiest way to stay in the know is to stay tuned to local reports. But we can’t be around a phone, radio, or TV all of the time.

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