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Try Investing Safely With Stock Simulator Apps

If you aren’t wise with your money, you won’t be able to prepare as well as you should. Money is the source of all things and we need to handle it the best we can, SHTF scenario or not.

But money is also confusing. One of the best examples is the stock market. Smart stock investments can not only hold your money for you but increase in value over time, turning your money into even more money. The biggest problem with the stock market, however, is how hard it is to understand and predict. And if you aren’t ready, you shouldn’t put money into it.

But there’s a nice way to figure it out: Stock simulators.

There are websites and mobile apps that act like the stock market but without real money. Instead, the user is given a fake currency, where they can invest in real life companies registered on the real-life stock exchange. They offer the same functionality as actual stock broking apps.

If you’re interested in stock investments but not sure you’re ready to spend real-world money on it, this is a great way to experiment first.

The app I use is called Best Brokers. It’s on iOS and Android. It starts you out with $25,000. After a few trades and some patience, I found three companies that proved to be safe long-term investments. That fake $25k has since turned into $28k. So if I wanted to start investing money in real life, I already know what companies to go for.

Important reminder: If you are not in a comfortable position to invest money, then you shouldn’t. While they offer the potential for increased earnings compared to a savings account, all trading comes with the risk of lost value. You should still have a savings account, no matter what.

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