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Category 5 Hurricane Dorian Looming Toward Florida Coast

Disaster looms over the Southwestern coast of the USA as Hurricane Dorian, a category 5 storm, inches closer to land.

Over the weekend, Hurricane Dorian moved North from the Bahamas and moving toward the American coast. This is a tense time for the state of Florida. If the storm remains to go straight north, it will barely pass the state and only cause some heavy rain. If it drifts west, however, we can expect 165 mph winds, rain, and other lethal weather. Hurricane and storm warnings are in effect for much of the coast, regardless.

As of Monday morning, according to a report by the WP, the storm is 35 miles East-NorthEast of Grand Bahama Island, moving west at 1 mph.

Florida won’t be the only one affected. Coastal parts of Georgia and Carolina (both of them) will see severe storms later into the week as Hurricane Dorian goes land-side.

If you have already evacuated, good. If you haven’t, maybe you should. If you cant, then we strongly suggest reading’s hurricane survival article.

Stay safe, everyone.

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