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How to Jump Out of a Moving Car

Odds are, you’ll never have to jump out of a moving vehicle. But if you do it wrong, you can injure or even kill yourself. Here’s how to jump out of a moving vehicle, should the need ever arise.

There are few reasons to jump out of a car. Maybe your vehicle brakes have failed and you don’t want to be on the receiving end of a major crash. Maybe you’ve been kidnapped and held hostage in a moving vehicle. Either way, escaping with some scrapes and bruises is still better than the alternative. But if you want it to only be scrapes and bruises, there are a few bits of advice to follow. This reduces the risk of severe damage to the body when performing the action.

Wait for a Safe Moment

Observe the outside. Are you nearing a patch of dirt or grass? are there signs or posts in the way. You want to wait until you know you are free of obstacles and ideally near softer ground.

Open the Door Wide

The wind from moving will encourage the door to close on its own. Ensure that you have opened the door widely and that it won’t slam shut on you halfway through your jump.

Jump Toward the Back of the Car

This is physics. If a car is going 35 mph, then so are you. Rolling against the ground at that speed hurts. To help reduce this, don’t jump directly away from the car, but at an angle toward the back. This will help offset the speed of the vehicle on your own form when landing.

Tuck and Roll

You’ve probably heard this said in action movies or on TV. This means to curl your body up into a ball shape (tuck) and to roll along the ground instead of landing with a thud. This protects your head and creates a more stable center of gravity. When going for the roll, aim to roll over your shoulder and onto your back. All of this helps spread out the momentum and reduce damage.

As always, we at Preps Life care more about your safety than anything. Jumping out of a moving car should be a last-ditch effort to save yourself and a safer option should always be given first consideration. Stay safe preppers.

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