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Dealing with Droughts, Saving Water

We’ve talked about what to do when it floods, but we shouldn’t forget about the polar opposite: Droughts. Nearly every part of America experiences periods of reduced rainfall, and it’s something to keep in mind when preparing for the worst.

Droughts, irregularly long periods of reduced rainfall, can damage crops, hinder fish habitats, and diminish water reserves. Severe enough droughts can be devastating to communities who rely on regular rain to thrive.

The Four Kind of Droughts

There are four different classifications of drought. How you compensate for each depends on your situation.

  • Meteorological Drought: Dry weather, varies depending on the area.
  • Agricultural Drought: Dry soil, this hinders crop growth and production. Usually a short-term problem.
  • Hydrological Drought: Dried up reserves. This is when water supplies run low
  • Socioeconomic Drought: Dry everything. This means the area is literally too dry to sustain life.
How to Survive a Drought

Being a smart prepper will allow you to survive the driest of times. This primarily consists of wise water conservation methods but also includes some clever water gathering system.

Whether you have a large reserve of water stored away or not, it’s a good idea to practice water saving methods. This will ease up the water usage on your municipal water supply, save money on your water bill, and get you in the habit should a dry season come. Here are a few things you can do to get into the habit of conserving water.

  • Turn off your faucet when brushing your teeth.
  • Turn off the water when scrubbing your hands.
  • Shower faster (I’m guilty of a slow shower).
  • Investigate and repair any leaks in your piping.

Better than conserving water is learning to harvest it. Whether it’s a well, a stream, or a rain collector, this is a more reliable supply of water than using up what’s stored. Regardless of how you gather the water, it’s important that it’s properly filtered before consuming. Investing in a large water filter is a good idea for those looking to build a large reserve of water. Expect more on how to set up a rain collector in a separate article.

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