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USA, Europe Issues Lockdowns as Second COVID Wave Hits

There’s always a second wave. That’s what any medical scientist will tell you when it comes to a new disease. A pandemic happens, it gets real bad, then it gradually gets better as people recover and quarantine. Then when people start feeling comfortable, they socialize more, and a second spike of infections happens. 

It happens every time, and this time is no exception. Much of the United States and Europe are re-implementing lockdown measures and shutting down businesses as the second COVID wave takes off.

According to a report by the Associated Press, France is entering a new lockdown as cases spike, Germany is starting a four week shutdown, and nations like Switzerland, Italy, and Greece are following suit. All of this is the result of a spike in new COVID cases in Europe.

Meanwhile, US States are all seeing a rise in cases, with their respective representatives taking various degrees of caution. Some are implementing curfews, others are locking down businesses, and the rest are waiting cautiously. On average, there are 71,000 positive cases for COVID in America, up from two weeks ago, which measured at 51,000. Currently, about 805 people die every day from the virus.

As you might expect, hospitals are being overloaded as a result of the increased infection rate. Many locations are reporting full capacity and an inability to help everyone that needs help.

“It is absolutely exhausting right now. . .We’re throwing everything we’ve got at them to keep them alive,” he said. 


The European Commission’s von der Leyen explains that this second wave is due to more than just the disease’s infectious nature. They also attribute the rise from what they call “Corona Fatigue.”

“We’re dealing with the coronavirus — the virus itself — and also corona fatigue. That is, people are becoming more and more fed up with the preventive measures.”


Fortunately (if you can call this fortune), two promising looking vaccines for COVID have passed testing with a 95% success rate and are currently pushing for emergency production qualifications. 

With holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas nearly here, and after nearly an entire year of being asked to isolate and wear masks, we absolutely understand why people may be feeling Corona Fatigue. But we ask, for the good of everyone, that you continue to do everything you can to prevent the spread of this disease.

Photo: Fabian Strauch/dpa via AP

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