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Congress Passes Laws Protecting The Wilderness

Congress has made some important progress recently as they pass The National Resources Management Act. This new legislation will implement laws protecting public wilderness.

According to a report by Snews, Congress passed the National Resources Management Act on Tuesday. Passing with a heavy majority, the package contains a number of important protections over various wilderness protections. This includes a renewal of the Land and Water Conservation Fund. This fund will pull royalties from oil and gas companies to fund wilderness protection projects, including providing access to these places to the public.

The act will also create six new national park service units, expand existing units, and add new protections for wilderness lands. The bill protects nearly 2.5 million acres of public lands and 676 miles of rivers.

Global Brand President Arne Arens spoke about the new legislation

“The passing of the National Resources Management Act is strong confirmation of the bipartisan nature of public lands and a positive step for the future health of our communities. It helps protect wild places in all 50 states, and will enable more of the 7.6 million jobs across the outdoor recreation economy.”

Why This Is Important To Preppers

When society fails, there will still be a place we can go to if we want to survive. That place is the outdoor wilderness. By learning and preparing to live off the grid and on our own with only nature to aid us, we ready ourselves to thrive in this land. By passing legislation that protects this land, we guarantee one final land of safety to retreat to, no matter what happens.

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