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The Truth Behind Carbon Emissions And Why Everyone Cares

With Greta and the UN and all the various activists, there’s been a lot of talk about climate change and carbon emissions. There’s also been a lot of deception and generally false information being spread about it. It’s time we set the facts straight.

Don’t worry. We aren’t going to start spouting scientific words and confusing mumbo jumbo. The truth doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it. So we’ll be sure to keep everything in Layman’s terms.

So What’s The Deal with “Carbon Emissions”

There are two questions we have to ask before we can explain that.

  1. Where does the planet get heat from?
  2. Where does that heat go afterward?

The first answer is easy: the sun. The sun emits radiation that heats up the planet. Earth is special because of the way it can retain that heat just enough to allow for a livable atmosphere.

As for where it goes is less understood. But the answer is the same as the sun, it emits it outward. Just like how the sun emits heat out to us, Earth emits that same heat back out into space as radiation. Heat rises, after all.

What Do Carbon Emissions Have to do with This?

For heat to leave the planet, it has to go up and away, passing through all the oxygen in the process. But “greenhouse gases” are getting in the way. These are gasses that sit on top of the earth’s oxygen, coating it in a layer. The most common greenhouse gases are Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4). These gasses do not allow heat to pass very easily, acting as an insulator. Much like how wearing a thermal blanket makes your body retain heat, these gasses make it harder for the earth to emit the heat back into space.

That’s why it’s been getting hotter, which most people refer to as Global Warming.

Where does it come from?

The biggest issue, CO2, comes from machines and manufacturing. Burning fuels like coal, gasoline, oil, and petroleum produces a fair amount of CO2. The other big one, Methane, mainly comes from the farts of cows. Beef is a massive global food export and the mass farming of cows has increased methane production drastically. 

Why Are People Fighting About Global Warming

This is the insidious part of all this. You see, if we as a planet suddenly stopped using coal and petroleum, some of the biggest, most powerful companies would suddenly be out of a job. The fat cat billionaires who invest in oil will lose money. Car manufacturers will have to spend trillions toward ending gas combustion cars. They don’t want to lose money. So instead, these companies will bribe politicians, buy advertising space, and do whatever they can do try and disprove and invalidate the idea of reducing carbon emissions.

And the unfortunate part is that it’s working. There are millions of United States Citizens that genuinely believe that global warming, climate change, and this entire situation is a hoax. They’ve fallen victim to big business propaganda. All the while, these companies are making more money, while allowing the planet to slowly become a harder place to live off-the-grid.

Surviving a SHTF scenario gets harder when the planet is slow-cooking itself.

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