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Armed Looters Appear En Masse After Hurricane Micheal

A common argument against gun ownership is the lack of a need for one in a modern age. While that might seem true most of the time, Hurricane Micheal is an unpleasant reminder of the times a weapon could be life or death.

Armed looters have been targeting homes and businesses that have been left without power from the recent hurricane. According to a report by Sheriff Jimmy Stanford of Florida’s Bay County, deputies have been arresting around 10 looters every nice since Hurricane Micheal struck the area on Wednesday.

The rise in danger has caused homeowners to tag their own homes and businesses with signs and paint stating that looters would be shot on sight. Given the nature of such a sign, it’s not been clear as to the effectiveness.

I’m sure many folks affected by these crimes never considered the situation they are now in. Perhaps effective firearm ownership and training would have kept them and their livelihoods safe. All we can do now is hope no one else is put in danger, and that the power returns to their homes soon.

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