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The Four Worst U.S. States to be a Prepper

We recently talked about the four best States to live in as a prepper or to bug out to. But not everyone wants to live in Idaho. We respect that freedom. That’s not to say we think anywhere is just fine. Some places are simply awful for prepping. Here are four of the worst U.S. States to be a prepper in.

4 – New Jersey

Pop culture likes to make jokes about how unpleasant the state of New Jersey is. While just jokes, there remains some truth to that, especially if you’re wanting to live a prepper lifestyle. Not only is it a rather highly populated state, but the cost of living and taxes are expensive and you need permits for almost any kind of construction. Gun laws are tight, but crime rates aren’t exactly low. If you value privacy and freedom, don’t live here.

3 – Rhode Island

A rather small state, you probably haven’t heard much happening regarding Rhode Island. While they may not make headlines much, they aren’t the most secluded place. It’s the opposite, in fact. Due to the small size and large population, there are very few places to actually get away from Urbania. The cost of living is expensive, gun laws are strict, and homeschooling is highly regulated. If you want independence and seclusion, we don’t recommend here.

2 – Florida

If the frequent tropical storms don’t discourage you, maybe poor sustainability will. Florida is hit by dangerous weather frequently, making home living hard outside of town. The land isn’t exactly welcoming either. The heat levels paired with the above-average water and air pollution make healthy sustainability difficult. And the inhabitants aren’t tremendously safer. Urban environments have high crime rates, while more rural zones are constantly lousy with alligators.

1 – Hawaii

If you thought Florida was bad, you’ll hate Hawaii. Take all of the aspects of Florida (except the gators), place it on an inescapable island in the ocean, and raise the tax levels to one of the highest in the country, and you have Hawaii. The local economy is dependant on tourism and the locals have a history of treating outsiders poorly. Hawaii is a smorgasbord of unwelcome and inhospitable living.

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