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What’s Happening with the Australian Bush Fires and Why

Australia is on fire. You probably have heard about this already. But why is it on fire? And what does that really mean for the country and the planet alike? Here’s an easy to understand breakdown of the 2019-2020 Australian bush fires.

Currently referred to as the Australian bush fires, this is referring to an ongoing series of nature fires that are spreading along the south-eastern section of Australia, damaging homes and wildlife alike.

The fires began around June of 2019, the fires have continued to spread. As of writing this, the fires have destroyed about 26 million acres of land, 5,900 buildings, and killed 28 people. Over 1 billion animals, ranging from Koalas to bats, have been affected by the fires. The NSW Rural Fire Service has classified this as the worst bush fire they have ever seen. In December of 2019, New South Wales declared a state of emergency when higher temperatures and extreme drought caused the fires to spread even stronger.

To provide perspective, imagine if the entire state of Ohio was destroyed in fire, the whole thing.

This isn’t like the Amazon fires, which were instigated through political problems. This is the result of, forgive my language, a pissed-off Mother Nature. This might have been prevented through better fire management programs, but most attribute the fires to the unforgiving climate and drought.

This is a sign of danger. We’ve seen a strange rise in extreme storms, heat waves, and other dangerous forces of nature over the last few years. The planet is getting harder and harder to live in. We’re smart enough to survive, but our infrastructure was not built with extreme climate in mind.

Interestingly, just before the fires started, the National Center for Climate Restoration, an Australia based science team, predicted that the planet will collapse by 2050. Maybe they’re onto something.

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