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Why a Rocket Stove is Ideal for Survival Cooking

Food is essential to survival. So in turn, so is cooking. But when supplies are low, you need to be as efficient as you can to keep going. That’s why we’re interested in Rocket Stoves, a hot burning, super-efficient survival stove.

What is a Rocket Stove?

While a touch dramatically named, its called that because it uses an aspect of engineering often used in rocket mass heaters. The main concept behind a rocket stove is to have airflow underneath smaller pieces of burning fuel and up a pipe to the cooking surface.

Rocket stoves are fantastic prepper stoves for two big reasons. The first is that they’re more efficient. Tests have shown that a rocket stove will use 18 to 30 percent less fuel than a traditional stove or oven. The other is due to the nature of their fuel. They rely more on long narrow tubes than an open pit. So small wood, like sticks and broken branches, are the ideal fuel for a wood-burning rocket stove.

Did we mention how easy they are to make? Anyone with basic welding knowledge and tools can form one from metal scraps. Reddit user u/roaddog1977 shows us exactly this.

Can’t weld? No problem! A combination of cinderblocks and mud for sealing and you can make one from that. In even the direst of straits, you can build one by digging into the earth and forming the needed shape under the ground. Just make sure you use rocks for structure.

It wouldn’t hurt to add a small rocket stove to a camping kit or in the trunk of your car. If you don’t want to carry more, just knowing how to build your own from natural resources could make a world of difference.

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