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How to Move Silently in Sneaky Stealth

Sometimes you need to be quiet. Whether it’s escaping a dangerous environment or just not waking your sleeping partner after staying up late watching movies. Here’s some surefire way to make as little sound as possible when moving on foot.

Breath Slowly, but Breath

When trying to be stealthy, it’s easy to want to hold your breath. Don’t do that. When your breath runs out, you might accidentally let out (or in) a deep, noticeable breath. This can be an auditory giveaway. Instead, breath slowly but regularly.

Control Your Balance and Your Body

Lower your body slightly. Have your feet about shoulder-width apart. Keep your arms down, with them extended around the hip. When you walk, move your feet very intentionally but carefully.

When you step, place all of your weight on one foot, place down the ball of the other foot where you want to step next. Carefully shift your weight over to the forward foot, lower your heel as you go. Once firmly planted, repeat.

Watch Your Step

Objects on the ground can either make noise or make you lose balance. Be very aware of where you’re stepping before you do it. How many monster movies have a scene where someone is caught because they stepped on a twig?


Like with any and all things that require physical movement, the best way to improve is to practice. Keep at it and you’ll be as stealthy as a ninja before you know it.

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