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Why Snow Grip Attachments Beat Out Snow Boots

You don’t have to be much of a backpacker to know that normal shoes don’t cut it in snowy climates. Ideally, you should have winter hiking boots with metal, anti-slip prongs. But that invites new problems, such as carrying around multiple shoes for the winter, stopping to change them out as needed. You can’t just wear the boots the whole time either, lest you want to ruin any indoor floor and damage the metal grips when walking on inappropriate floors.

The solution? snow grip attachments. These are rubber frames that stretch over the bottom of your normal boots and shoes, adding a greater degree of traction for snow and ice. In this particular case, we’re talking about Hillsound’s product, FlexSteps.

The main body consists of a web-like frame of rubberized plates, connected with more rubber. On the bottom, there are 18 steel spikes, measuring about 1/5 of an in long each. You insert your shoe into the top and tighten using the velcro strapping on top. This keeps them strong and secure to the bottom of the shoe.

Why We Recommend Them

A good pair of snow boots do wonders, don’t get us wrong. But there are plenty of reasons to try out an external cover instead. They’re light, weighing at only 12 ounces. They are flexible, which means they also take up less space than a full set of boots will. We’re also just comfortable in the boots we have and don’t want to adjust to multiple pairs. Not to mention that, should they break down, they can be more affordably replaced than a new pair of boots. The two-year warranty helps, too.

The Hillsound FlexSteps can be found on Amazon for around $55. Don’t worry, it’s not an affiliate link.

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