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The Four Best U.S. States to be a Prepper

Everyone talks about bugging out or living a prepper’s life. But how many of these people have considered where? It may sound simple to escape to the wilderness and live in a cabin off the grid. But it’s not so easy. No matter where (in the U.S.) you go, there are going to be things that might stop you or make things difficult. But not everywhere. Here are four of the easiest states in America to have a prepper home.

4 – Colorado

While not the most exciting state, Colorado offers a fair number of statistics that will make homesteading easier. They have a low tax rate, low population density, and a low crime rate. Certain areas have a fantastic growing season, while other areas are below average. The only real hindrance to the state is its restrictive gun laws. It’s also noted that they have a few military targets in the country, making Colorado a bit more of a war risk than other states.

3 – Washington

Like Colorado, Washington has a nice, low population (as long as you avoid Seattle) and a low cost of living. They don’t even have income tax! The gun laws are looser here and they have both a fantastic growing season and great water quality. They do, however, have more restrictions on home-school regulations. So if you have children, you might not be able to feasibly manage an off-the-grid home.

2 – Montana

This is one of the most common states you’ll hear preppers mention. The crime rate is only a touch higher than the previous few, but it has a low population, low cost of living, great water quality, low taxes, and low home-school regulations. The only problem area is the Minuteman missile base, which could be a target for war. So as long as you stay clear of there, and you have a fantastic bug out state.

1 – Idaho

If prepping was a meal, Idaho is a buffet. The state offers everything the other states do: low cost of living, low population, clean water, low pollution, loose gun laws, no home-school regulation. Depending on location, you may need to set up conservative water supplies. The taxes on the area are a touch higher, but this is made up for by the immense freedom you’ll have with your home plans. This is a common prepper state, so you’ll be surrounded by like-minded folks. If you near anyone at all, that is.

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