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Local Business Lets You Drive Tanks and Fire Heavy Arms

Depending on what you’re prepping for, experience with weapons, vehicles, and other militaristic measures can be invaluable. And what a better way to do that than by driving an actual military tank?

A company called Drive A Tank, based out of Kasota, Minnesota, will let you get hands-on experience with a variety of military weapons, including operating a genuine FV433 Abbott SPG tank affectionately named Larry.

The company offers a variety of packages. At the lowest end is the 3 Star Lt. General package. For about $300, you can drive the tank and fire a STEN WII Machine gun. For increasing prices, the packages offer more and more, including operating a Sherman tank and firing a 50 caliber anti-material rifle.

Once a month, they also offer a therapeutic “destroy your Past Relationship Stuff” option, where for an extra fee, you can bring sentimental belongings from a past relationship and destroy them with military firepower.

Sure, knowing how to drive a tank probably won’t be much help in an actual SHTF scenario. We think this would be a fun time anyway. And hey, you never know when it might come in handy.

For more information, visit the Drive A Tank website.

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