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Alaskan Fishery Closes as Cod Population is At RIsk

Fish continue to die off at an alarming rate along the Pacific shores of Alaska. And for the first time, the Federal Cod Fishery in the Gulf is closing for 2020 in response.

Over the last several years, the ocean temperature has been steadily rising. Evidence of this can be seen in decreasing numbers of available cod in the Alaskan sea. According to a report by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration research biologist Steve Barbeaux, cod has been in decline for years, finally reaching a historic low. 

It has reached the point that the cod population now is at risk of not being a sufficient sized food source for the Stellar sea lions, an endangered species. This fact has led to the temporary shutdown of the fishery. If the population doesn’t improve, the fishery will be shut down entirely.

This isn’t the first time we’re seeing aquatic life suffering due to rising sea temperatures. A startling number of whales and dolphins are dying and beaching along the west coast of North America. This was largely attributed to starvation, as their usual food sources (which are also located in the Alaskan sea) were diminishing.

It all boils back to one central problem: global warming. There’s been a lot of deception and generally false information being spread about climate change and carbon emissions. There are millions of United States citizens that genuinely believe that global warming, climate change, and this entire situation is a hoax. They’ve fallen victim to big business propaganda. All the while, these companies are making more money, while allowing the planet to slowly become a harder place to live off-the-grid.

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